So, yeah. Hey. How you doin'?

Well, we're moved.

We have a spandy clean new unit with seven (!!!) beds, monitors, a central monitoring station, computers that work, (oh, crap, I just realized I have to call them about the call light system) and beds and so on that actually function and don't have bits broken off of them.

So that's what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks. That, and the usual keeping people from falling out of their chairs or having larger strokes or otherwise having complications that would keep them in the hospital for weeks and weeks.

The first thing I did in the Spandy New Unit was stretch my arms out from my sides and turn in a complete circle. That did not used to be possible. The second thing I did was walk from one end of the floor to the other, giggling, and saying "wahoo!" softly. Then I got my poop in a group and got the patient we had to move to her new room.

It feels a bit like a shakedown cruise. There's still a lot of stuff that doesn't work, and things that could be neater or more convenient, but we'll work those out in time. Right now, I'm just grateful to have a place to put people where I can be relatively sure that the walls won't catch fire and I can get them into and out of the rooms through doors wide enough to admit hospital beds.