It's never a boring day when three things happen:

Uno: I got the day off, totally unexpectedly. Which was wonderful, because being cancelled, with the attendant risks of being called in, always makes me super-productive. I now have three clean cabinets and a clean utility room.

Dos: Eyelashes are dyed and cuticles are dealt with. If you've seen either, you understand what a challenge this is. The fact that I did it simultaneously--dyeing eyelashes AND pushing back three months' worth of overgrown cuticles--without injury is amazing.

Three: I managed somehow to draw blood while vacuuming the living room today. Don't ask me how. Stoya responded to my text on the subject with "I don't Even. Want. To. Know" to which I replied, "Don't worry; I have no clue, either." One minute I was sucking up rug bits; the next I was bleeding.

Never a dull moment here at Casa Jo.