Fun links to follow while I'm painting my secretary!

(Ain't come to play; I come to get this job done!)

Elsita has been back for a few months, posting outfits on The Hidden Seed. Sometimes I wish I had her closet, but then I realize I'd just wear the same shorts and t-shirt every day, because I live in a place where the climate is hell.

Think Geek is my go-to for wardrobe updates. I really, really want the t-shirt that says "If You're Not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Precipitate."

The Mary Sue is a great read for chick geeks, the people who love them, and the people who want to be chick geeks.

Are you depressed by the nosedive that Jezebel has taken? I was, until I found Persephone and The Hairpin. Persephone skews a bit more serious; The Hairpin is the sister website of The Awl, which has the motto "Be Less Stupid." When it comes to girly stuff, The Hairpin certainly makes you less stupid. There are tutorials! on eyeliner! by a producer of "This American Life"!

I really love The Ugly Green Chair. Most people can either write or take pictures. Whitney can do both, and does. Plus, she cooks.

NSFW, Not Safe For Mom! Somebody some time ago sent me a link to Sexy is for Everybody, a body-positive, inclusive, ethical porn site. Online porn isn't my cuppa (the letter-passing scene in Pride and Prejudice is hot enough for me), but if you're looking for something less skanky and weird than, say, Fleshbot, you should check this out.

And, finally, if you are a high school or college student who's having a hard time getting through whatever piece of classical literature's been assigned to you, you should check out Myths Retold. I found this through Antonia Cornwell's blog, Whoopee, which should be nominated for the Fucking Ass-Kickingest Blog Of All Time award. Warning: both blogs contain about as much profanity as this one, which makes them both NSFB (not safe for boss), although Antonia's is all "facking" and "bloody" and "fanny", which just makes me want to drink tequila with her that much more.