Yeah, dammit, I'll get back to nursing later. It's Spring.

Last night I let my Geek Flag fly, and lo, it was good.

Somehow, a group of coworkers who are not at all nerdy decided to all come along to a definitely nerd-focused event at a local museum. Among them was The Cute Neurosurgeon, who paid me the biggest compliment I think I've ever gotten:

As I was listing titles of hard SF books I like, he yanked out his cell phone. He was noting down titles, like Asimov's Before The Golden Age. The Cute Neurosurgeon was taking interest in what I like to read, guys.

Just looking that sentence makes me nod my head, smile, and think about ordering that Starfleet uniform tunic (Science Officer, of course). Although a Security tunic would allow me to leave a party early without anybody noticing or caring....