I need help remembering the title of a book.

It's a children's book, illustrated with gorgeous pastels. It's about a paleontologist who works in a museum, and suddenly the dinosaurs in the museum displays come to life, or some dinosaurs show up, or something (I can't recall, exactly). The paleontologist adopts them and takes care of them.

The two things I remember clearly are these: First, that the paleontologist is a short little woman with grey hair and round glasses (you never see her eyes). Second, at the end of the story, she's sitting in a rocking chair, reading a bedtime story to the dinosaurs ranged around her. The stegosaur has a blanket over his back, through which you can see his spine plates, and the tyrannosaur is sitting in the corner, I think with a teddy bear in his little-bitty arms.

Does this thread any beads in anybody's mind?