So today Ed & Anne & Adam & I all went to the antique store...

...and I wish I could get Ed's video to download, because it is classic.

Back in the day, when I still had a husband, that husband had a toy. It was a clown.

It was not just any clown, though.

It was a vaguely threatening-looking, unhappy, weeble-y NORWEGIAN clown.

With a feather in his cap.

I had completely forgotten the existence of this horror (which I used to keep replacing in the storage room, because I couldn't bear the thought of it oh my God it's coming after me in the night holy shit) until today, when we walked into El Cutseo Antiquey Shoppe....

...and there it was. By the door, in the first display case. A little faded, but recognizable. Because, really, who else in Hometon would have a Nightmare Norwegian Clown?

We remarked on it, and Adam even played with it a bit, making it weeble back and forth, even though I reminded him that it would come after him in the night.

It was....memorable.