Home again, home again.

I came home today from the hospital after twenty-four hours of Dilaudid PCA and Lortab elixir. (Dilaudid is great and all, but it was really too strong for me.)

In order of importance:

My airway is clear
I sound like Mushmouth from the old Fat Albert show
I can swallow small amounts of not-pointy things
Occasionally I get nasal regurgitation, which is gross
There is actually less pain with this than there was with the biopsy
I snore like a freaking freight train thanks to this surgery
The obdurator doesn't fit right and will have to be revised.

The obdurator doesn't fit right because Dr. Crane only had to take out one tooth instead of two (hooray) and the tumor wasn't *quite* as large as we'd feared (hooray) and all that.

I am exhausted, honestly. I need some good sleep and maybe some nice boring scrambled eggs for brekkers. I'll catch you guys up in between doses of meds.