Heads-up and queries:

I. . .I noticed the other day that, um, my blog design is like, you know, ten years old? And a lot of the links are broken or outdated? And I got really embarrassed? But I didn't actually do anything about it because I am a curb-crawling, lazy SOB blogger with a mind on Higher Things.

So now I wanna give all y'all Minions a heads-up: In the next week or so, maybe, I might kinda be re-doing some of the links and maybe the text size and so on, so if the blog goes down totally, that's why.


How does the text of the main body resolve for y'all? It's really small for me.

How does this bad boy look on mobile or tablet?

Should I ditch the full-text thing and go for "more below the break" formatting? I know I talk a lot, and I'm wondering if that would make for easier scrolling or if, as it does to me, it would drive people insane.

How does the Garnier Nutrisse Warm Copper compare to L'Oreal Preference 7LA Lightest Auburn? Good match, or Bonzo Orange?