We need our own goddamned poster.

Recently, the unit I work in won an award. It was one of those not-Press-Ganey awards; the kind of award that has to do with things that are nursing quality indicators. You know, the "you haven't had a central-line infection in two years; here's a cookie" kind, but bigger.

Much bigger.

And it was nurse-driven, nurse-implemented, and exacting. And national. So, kind of a big deal.

During the hootenanny surrounding the award, we were shown a slide of everybody (so said the CEO of the hospital) who'd had a hand in making Such A Great Thing possible.

There, front and center, was the CEO. Next to him was the director of nursing operations, a man who's been actively obstructionist and slashed staffing and resources, and who has visited our unit maaaaybe three times in as many years. Next to him was a woman I didn't recognize but who, I was told, was instrumental in something statistical.

Arranged behind those people were dozens--maybe as many as a hundred?--people, all in varying degrees of business attire.

No scrubs.

Not one nurse.

Not. One.

Especially not one from the unit, the unit I work on with some of the best nurses I've ever worked with, that won the award.

So, I'm thinking we need our own. Goddamned. Poster.