I need laundry advice.

I can get anything except benzoin stains out of scrubs, but I need help on a non-stain-related issue.

Recently, I got four sets of Wink scrubs. They fit better than Urbane, though they're cut along the same lines: Wink seems to be made with women with hips in mind, while Urbane assumes you're young and athletic and built like The Mankiller, who looks like a boy with boobs.

Anyway, these scrubs. 65% polyester, 35% cotton, tons of pockets. Love 'em.

But even after two wash/dry cycles on Boil and Broil, they are stiff and rustly, and they still have the creases from packaging. How do I get those out?

Do not say "fabric softener." That shit is of the devil and gives me rashes.