Odds, Ends, Updates

OEU the first:

I saw Dr. Crane today and had my tongue yanked around and both of his hands in my mouth at the same time. The exam was clean, the MRI looked "great" (his words; he's not given to superlatives) and I don't have to see him again until February. I won't have any scans then, either.

I said, "No scans?" He told me that at two years, in his experience, it's safe to begin backing off the surveillance scans and just go with eyes-on exams. It's simultaneously exciting and weird to know that my interior doesn't have to be irradiated for everybody's psychological comfort. I worried before every scan; now I'll worry that I'm not *having* scans.

"Nearly cured" is a strange place to be.

OEU the second:

Now that I've told Mom, it's time to tell you guys: I'm dating somebody. Seriously. As in, Talking Marriage Serious. He's marvelous beyond description, with just enough of the annoying human things that everybody has to keep him normal, and I've known him since we were both teenagers. His name is Brother In Beer (yes, the one who sent the lovely flowers after surgery). He's intelligent and funny and sweet and writes beautifully and routinely throws himself down rocky hillsides while perched on a bike. (Yes, he wears a helmet.)

I'm pretty stoked.

OEU the third:

Work sucks. We're staffed for twelve in the surgical CCU and have eighteen to twenty patients every day--even our code bed is full--which means that the staffing in the neuro CCU has been short. If everybody in the SCCU is tripled, they can't exactly send two people to help us out in the NCCU with our six or seven patients.

Plus, we've been having a rash of codes lately.

OEU the fourth: 

Aside from the staffing thing at work, things are going really well around here. I've not been *here* as much as I'd like; there's a lot of writing I've been doing for money that cuts into my blog time. As soon as I get this month's stack of articles sent off, though, I'll tell you funny stories about the Guy With No Memory At All and touching stories about bunnies.

Basically, this summer can be summed up in one well-known phrase: Two out of three ain't bad.