Y'know how you feel when a friend does something really great?

That's how I feel right now. My pal Nikki, late of "CatsNotCancer," is doing THIS.

Nikki, although you wouldn't know it to look at her, has ovaries of titanium and shoots laser beams out of her eyes. On vacation, she goes to Australia and rubs Great White Sharks on the belly, to which they respond by rolling over and purring. If she meets a rattlesnake while she's out hiking, the rattlesnake bows politely and gets out of the way. Bees fear her. Butterflies worship her. She's dressed by a posse of bluebirds and little woodland creatures every morning, after which she distributes semiautomatic weapons and shoulder-mounted grenade launchers of Truth to all of them, the better to fight for justice.

Because, you know, this lawsuit isn't all she's done. She's also been a hell of a pal to me.

And if BCBSTX doesn't see reason as regards the Obturator of Doom, you can bet I'll be channelling Nikki when I go see them. With a smiiiiiile.