Clean CT!

No nasties in my chest.

There were a couple of swollen lymph nodes, one borderline, but once Dr. Crane looked at the back of my sinuses (conveniently exposed for his perusal) he said, "Oh my gosh! You have a lot of goop in there, for sure. Y'know what'll fix that up, is a Solumedrol Dose-Pak. . . "

(glances over at my face)

". . . . or not. Um. . .you don't like Medrol?"

"It makes me want to hug people."

"It makes you want to hug people. . . .?"

"Until they stop breathing."

The swollen lymph nodes are a reaction, apparently, to the horrid allergy season that's hit us this year.

My next scan is an MRI in four months. Wahoo!