BIG DRAMA today at Bigton's Scanning Centre!

Call out the Marines! Get the helicopters going! Phone the Prezznit!

Or, at least, call the security guys and have them come and scratch their heads.

There was an Opossum (from the Proto-Algonquin aposum, or white beast) in one of the trash bins this morning at Scanning Central. The security guys, the maintenance guys, the housekeeping folks, and the animal control peeps were all alerted. Everybody ran about and waved their hands.

Until one of the valet parking dudes rolled the trash bin (with aposum inside) carefully over to a landscaped bit of ground with plenty of bushes and tipped it over. The white beast made its way (trundle trundle trundle, wide-butt-ily) to the far side of the landscaping and disappeared.

Possums got big teefs.

And so do I. Scans were today; results of scans and possibly an Evolution of the Bug, tomorrow.