Y'know what's depressing?

This is what's depressing: I've been through breakups, job changes, CANSUH, failed romances, and all manner of crises, large and small, and the biggest load of squee-ing, fan-girl email I get is occasioned by my father's comment on this blog.

My Sainted Father makes *one* comment (about mailing his liver to Abyssinia) and I'm innundated by emails saying things like, "OMG! Was that really your dad? You sound just like him!! Is he cute??"

Dad and I used to play a game at dinner to drive Mom wild. We called it the "New Mommy Material" game. Dad would posit theories like "Pia Zadora would make a good New Mommy" and I would shoot them down or offer alternatives. If Sainted Father ever wants a New Mommy with medical training, can I offer him all your email addresses?