Uh....yeah. I have no idea how to do this.

I'm sitting here staring at two little packets of Hibiclens scrub. I have to SCRUB MAH BELLEH with one tonight and one tomorrow morning, prior to Animal's eviction.

The nurse at the presurgical testing hootenanny didn't tell me anything specific, and I was too flummoxed to ask anything specific. She just handed me the little packets and said, "Scrub once the night before, and once before you come in, and prepare to be ashy." She then looked at me more closely and corrected herself: "Dry. You'll be dry. You're already ashy."

So, um. . .what do I do? I mean, I assume I should pay some extra attention to my navel, since one of the trochars will be stuck through it, and that I should scrub gently, without trying to take the skin off. But should I leave the suds on for two minutes, or something? Use a black rooster rather than a washcloth to apply the stuff? Put my right foot in, then out, then shake it all about? Is there something special I need to know?

Searching "preoperative chlorhexadine scrub" leads me to interesting studies of iodine versus chlorhexadine and a stunning PDF, with illustrations, of how to scrub your horse prior to surgery. Since I don't own a large scrub brush, I can't follow those instructions.