Odds & Ends

Man, Rimadyl works FAST.

Max woke up this morning and trotted (trotted!!) outside, with scarcely a trace of stiffness, then spent about ten minutes barking at something I couldn't see with a vigor I haven't heard in three years, at least. Then I let him in, because five ack emma barking is not a thing in this neighborhood. Although it might become a thing, because Max is groovin' back to his badass self.

No weird memory issues the last few days, either.

Now, of course, I feel like shit because all of this must've been related to the pain his back was causing him. And I didn't notice. But he's stoic, so how would I have noticed? Anyway, I think he might keep going for a few more years, now that he's able to boink around the yard going BAROOOF at things.

*** *** *** *** ***

Turns out that Bossman had a meeting with The Big Evil Bossman and one of the BEB's Minions, a woman I used to like and respect until she got too close to the BEB and started acting more like him than like herself. What is it about Evil Bosses? How do they corrupt the minds of the innocent? And, more than that, what was Minion doing at a meeting about the NCCU with our Bossman? WTF? She has zero CCU experience and doesn't even run a floor that has to do with our specialty.

All these questions will have to wait until Monday to be answered. The upshot of the last meeting was that BEB can't understand why (because he too has exactly zero critical-care experience) we would want heart monitors on our patients in the NCCU.

.... ..... .... .... ....Yeah.

*** *** *** *** ***

I have finally figured out liquid/gel eyeliner. This is a huge deal for me. Back in the day, I wore the shit out of that stuff, but as I've gotten more mature (read: as I've gotten lines around my eyes) the mid-Eighties Rococo Raccoon Look is less and less appropriate for work.

Last night I took some time and figured out a better way to do liquid eyeliner, which involves lining the inside of my upper eyelid, and will try this bad boy out with the green-and-black rhinestone-encrusted glasses which Abilene Rob said made me look hot. I'm thinking it'll be a sort of Nutso Cat Lady Librarian Meets Studious Nurse Thang, and I'm all over that.

*** *** *** *** ***

Why I love The Hairpin, part three gazillion: because they introduce me to websites like this.