Things that made me cry today.

I don't usually cry. I'm not a crier, unless you load me up with bourbon or give me a sick kitten.

But today?

The tornado in Joplin. Der Alter Jo is from there, and some of her friends are still practicing in the triage centers set up after the tornado destroyed the hospital.

Prison conditions in California.

The woman who sat down next to me at Dr. Elf's Prosthodontic Wonderland, who'd had the right side of her jawbone taken out three years ago and had been unable to eat or swallow since. Her three wishes were to go out in public without being self-conscious, to be able to talk on the phone and be understood, and to let her grandchildren see her smile.

I was so excited for her when she walked to the back of Dr. Elf's office. She was starting something that, while it may not make her perfect, would make her whole.

And this:

My jaw dropped and I leaked tears on the way back from Dr. Elf's.