I just won five bucks.

Although I doubt Laura-Loo will pay, because she wasn't all that keen on the bet in the first place.

We had a patient with symptoms of psychogenic origin (English: crazy as a pet raccoon) discharge home the other day. I bet her that the patient would call within forty-eight hours with either a problem or a claim that we had failed to return some of their (controlled substance, held in a lockbox) prescriptions.

I returned all of the prescriptions on discharge, and made sure I saw the patient put them into their suitcase. I even noted that in the chart.

They called today, claiming we'd lost a bottle of controlled-substance drugs.

We're never accused of failing to return antibiotics or hormones or other non-formulary drugs without a significant street value or abuse potential. It's always the amphetamines, Oxycontin, and Fentanyl lollipops we lose.

Of course.