I am full of Valium and Mexican food and this might just be the way to live.

The PET scan went fine. Final results probably won't be back until tomorrow, but Dr. Crane says the look he took seems okay, except that I have a stone in my tonsil. "I don't know why I didn't just go ahead and take those out," he said, referring to my tonsils, "I was in there anyhow."

He got a big ol' side-eye on that one.

Nurse Ames looks like a fluffy bunny that would come apart if you spoke to her harshly, but she drives like a NASCAR wannabe. Even with horrible wrecks between Littleton and Bigton, she managed to get us there on time and in one piece, and with minimal gleeful cackling.

I'm going to go hang up my scrubs now for tomorrow and then try to stay awake long enough to feed Max this evening. *sssskkknnnnkkkkzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*