All Play And No Work Puts Jo Behind The 8-Ball.

I have three deadlines to meet and no clue how to meet them.

However! This weekend I ate huevos quatro quesos with Pal Joey from Montreal, scratched a pony on his neck in such a way that his winter coat started to blow and he stretched his neck waaaaay out, loved on a number of Greyhounds, one of whom was a twin to the late lamented Bucky, and tapped my feet to Irish fiddling.

I also trimmed a tree with a pole saw (yay me) and chopped down several feet of brush. I drove all over Bigtown, got lost only once, and managed to get Aforementioned Pal Joey to the airport after a long weekend of driving, mojitos, more driving, and traffic from hell. It was like a Jedi mind trick: You Must Go South To Go North.

I also hung out with three-quarters of the Fearsome Foursome, met the biggest damn dog I have ever seen, and ate much Fair Food. So it was okay.

Especially the tree-trimming part. I am much more capable than I ever dreamed I was.