Well, that's nice to know.

I had my first mammogram (note to toy developers: if you ever come up with a My First Mammogram toy for little girls, I want a cut) last week and a resquish today. Those of us who are nulliparous and who have dense breasts often have to get resquished and sonographied, as our breast tissue is denser and contains more stuff that can mess up the X-rays.

Mammograms, I learned last week and today, do not have to hurt. The trick is to go somewhere that they do *only* mammography, so you're not working with a tech who also X-rays things like femurs and skulls. It's a tricky job, zapping tits with radiation--there's a lot of positioning and moving of tissue that I hadn't expected. It's interesting, but a rather strange sensation.

Anyway, the first mammogram showed wonky bits in both breasts. The second one, taken at slightly different angles, clarified that those bits were indeed wonky. Given that I had a clean PET in October, I wasn't particularly worried, but still.....when the tech came back and told me the radiologist would be doing a bilateral sono, I started getting nervous.

Dudes: THEY HEAT UP THE SONO GEL. No shit. It's actually warmer than skin temperature. I need to remember this for all the sonography we do in the unit.

Anyhow, the magnificence of my breasts has now been confirmed scientifically, and I am to return in a year to make sure that their quality is undiminished.

The best things about this clinic? Bathrobes. Real, cuddly, fleece bathrobes that are NOT pink, to put over the little gown-thingy they give you. One cup coffee/tea/hot chocolate makers around every corner. And, best of all, a SNACK BAR. If you want a little something to munch on while you're watching "Charmed" and waiting for the radiologist, you can have fruit or peanut butter crackers or maybe a little donut.

I am all about the snack bar from here on out. Every clinic worth its salt will have one when I'm Queen of the Universe.