An encounter with Dr. Pleasant, resident physician:

Dr. P: "What's a blunt?"

Nurse Jo, without looking up from her charting: "A cigar that's been hollowed out and refilled with marijuana."

(a few minutes later)

Dr. P: "This patient has trich. What do we do for that?"

Nurse Jo, without looking up: "Two grams of Flagyl PO, given once."

(a few more minutes pass)

Dr. P: "Why have I been humming 'I Think We're Alone Now' all day? I hate Debbie Gibson!"

Nurse Jo, without looking up: "That's actually Tiffany."

Dr. P: "That is the most disturbing thing you've known all day."

Nurse Jo, your source for all drug, sexually-transmitted-infection, and bad 80's pop knowledge.