What you did this morning, dear readers:

Michele is in her fifties and had no risk factors for cancer when she was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue.

She had a tongue resection and a lymph node dissection and started radiation in October of this year. She has a total of ten radiation treatments left to go: five localized and five generalized.

Because of the radiation, her jaw muscles are scarring up and getting invaded by collagen. It's harder for her to open her mouth now to get the mouth guard for the radiation treatments in, so she knows she's losing ground.

You guys sent her a Therabite in time for Christmas. You bought it this morning and it'll be shipped out this afternoon.

Because you did that, Michele will get the opportunity to use a clinically proven device that will help her increase and maintain the functionality of her jaw. She'll be able to eat comfortably and do the sort of really, *really* persnickety oral hygiene care that radiation treatment demands. It will make a huge difference in her quality of life, as well as making it possible for her to come through this healthy and strong.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

I knew I was lucky when I looked back over this whole cancer thing and realized how badly it could've gone. I'm reminded of how lucky I am every time I look at the PayPal balance sheet and realize what you guys have done for somebody you'll never meet.