The only thing that could make me more excited than hinty-gazillion dollars in the Therabite fund...

...has just happened. And I know you guys will understand, because you're discerning people.

I live near one of the largest (certainly the most intellectually and politically important) cities in Texas.

I have been on a quest--make that a Quest--to find cheese curds so that I can make my own poutine. I miss poutine a lot. And cheese curds that still have some squeak to 'em are hard to find; you usually have to have them flown in from Wisconsin. There's no place, even in Bigton, where you can get really fresh cheese curds. And there's NOWHERE in Bigton where you can get poutine. Breakfast tacos? Sure. Lengua? Yep. But poutine? Schah.

Tonight I found a restaurant in a town not too far from Littleton, where I live, that has poutine. Not just cheddar cheese shreds with gravy, but gravy that's imported from Montreal. The people who make it are from Montreal.

And they have homemade tiramisu.

Going on a pilgrimage, brb.