Happy New Year! I'm staying right here.

Well. Two-thousand-ten.

I ended the year without having had hallucinations of lumps of cookie dough flying toward me and exploding (stroke symptoms), the world greying out and recovering (stroke symptoms), being unable to read out loud (stroke symptoms), or being unable to recognize voices over the phone (stroke symptoms).

I also ended the year without a blown aneurysm, peritonitis, chemotherapy or radiation or a bone marrow transplant, systemic herpes simplex, a bike wreck, a traumatic brain injury, or a bad sunburn.

It's been a damn good year. Cancer? Schmancer. I've got dust bunnies that are a bigger deal than *that* turned out to be.

Everybody's pretty much okay. The family's all in one piece, nobody needed help burying any bodies, and The Man of God and His Lovely Wife are (hang on, let me check).......still at home, so she's not in labor. Yet. (That baby had better shake a tailfeather before Mama loses her mind.) Max is still galumphing furrily around the back yard, the boys are still Concentrated Evil in cat-shaped pajamas, the roof stayed on the house this year.

Tonight I'm going to watch something on Netflix instant, have a beer, and go to bed early. Tomorrow I'll lay out the garden for next year and plan what to plant (things start shipping in February when you live this far south). Next week I'm back on my regular schedule at work, thank Frogs, and later on I've got umpteen gazillion classes to take to train for new equipment and procedures that Sunnyvale's implementing.

You all have a lovely New Year. If you're short black-eyed peas, shoot me a line. I have about a gallon of 'em.