Cancer took my palate and took my appetite, but it cannot take my SNAAAAARK!

Lest you think that Nurse Jo has had a sudden reversal of personality, and now finds things to love and value in everyone she meets. . . .

There is going to be a massacre the next time some genius house manager decides it's appropriate to co-room two people of opposite sex and of widely varying neurological status. There's something about the hum-wonk-beep-snort of a ventilator, and the other things that go beep-woop-gronk that go along with being on a ventilator, that just doesn't make for a quiet night for the neurologically mostly-intact.

Especially if the mostly-intact person in question is also a little bit crazy and sort of climbing the walls already.

Yet the GHM decided that, what with all those full beds in the hospital (not really) and the absolute necessity of these folks being in the NCCU (not really), it was okay to co-room them.

Yeah, I snipped at people. I even used big words. Didn't help.

*** *** *** *** ***

The Crisis has been slightly mediated, thanks to the opinions of you fine readers, which were running all-to-zero in favor of "fix the damn crisis".

Also, several people suggested funnelling donations either through or to organizations that could provide tax receipts. This is an excellent idea which I have no clue how to implement. Help?

And finally, who has a favorite small-works charity they'd like to recommend? Leave 'em in the comments, along with your favorite easy recipes for one person.