Well, no wonder I feel like shit and I'm crying all the damn time.

Post Weight-Watchers weight, achieved after five months of careful Points counting and attention to nutrition: 171.5 lbs. (20 lbs down from original weight)

Pre-surgery weight, after I'd gone off WW and eaten ALL THE THINGS in preparation for I-didn't-know-what at the time: 190.0 lbs.

Weight on day of surgery, October 20th, at 5 am after having been NPO all night: 189.4 lbs.

Weight today, November 9th, at 1730 pm, after two meals and a slice of cake friend Adam brought:

170 lbs.

I still have 20 to 30 more pounds to go before I'm even in spitting distance of my "ideal body weight", but I think it might be time to, you know, try to arrest this free-fall and turn it more into a slide.