This is how you know things are getting back to normal: Sunday Afternoon Fantasy Cooking!

It's about time to work up the stuffing recipe I make every year. That's the one that has pecans and onions and celery and garlic in it, along with about six pounds of butter.

This year, I'm having only those things I like about Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving. That means mashed potatoes and stuffing, asparagus, steamed green beans, pie (probably cherry) and bratwurst.

What? You don't eat bratwurst for Thanksgiving?

Or maybe I'll go get some fried chicken in the hood the day before. Cold fried chicken with all the trimmings....or barbecue. Hmmm. Barbecue for Thanksgiving.

No matter how the food works out, the evening's entertainment will involve going to see "Burlesque" at the movie theater/bar/restaurant here in town. Nothing could top a quiet Thanksgiving in like Cher and Aguilera in spangles.