My favorites so far:

(And I *do* plan to use these)....

Laura's: "This is the first step in my transformation to Ms. Potato Head. Next I get the interchangeable eyeballs!"

Wayne's: I'm torn between "the dark side of Chipotle" and "the first part of my dolphinoplasty."

Memune's: "I got attacked by the *one* zombie who flunked anatomy."

Mysis, for referencing Young Frankenstein: "What plastic thing?"

Gossamer: "Turns out hedgehogs aren't edible."

Birdergirl gets a big hand for "It's where I plug in my flash drive."

Bonnie, for referencing Prince Alberts--that one I can only use around coworkers.

Terri's: "I thought the wasabi at the sushi place was an after-dinner mint (or guacamole)."