Imagine me ripping my shirt off, hollering at the sky:


So today I went out to someplace other than the doctor's office. I did not manage either yardwork or a Goodwill stop, but I had good reasons for both: First, there was no yardwork to be done. I thought the yard might need mowing, but it didn't. And second, I totally forgot I had a trunkload of stuff to go to Goodwill.

My bad.

But I went to Target! And I had an interaction with somebody I didn't know! And it didn't end with them looking at me funny and saying "WHAT???" a lot and me leaving in tearful frustration! I now am the proud owner of a Waterpik tooth- and gaping-hole-cleaning device, some baking soda, some sea salt, and a bottle of wine.

And I went to My Favorite Place and saw My Favorite Bartender/Minion/Student (yo, A!) and it was okay. I was very, very tired by that point, so I came home.

All in all, I got three things done that I really wanted to: I managed 30 minutes out in the sun with Max, pumping up my stores of vitamin D and using my muscles a little bit. I got fatigued just rolling up an extension cord; that was a little scary. I also got out of the house and got a Waterpik, which looks like it'll be easier to use than the current nasal rinse system I've got. And I got to see A., who saw me last on my discharge day from the hospital, when I was still cross-eyed, drooling, and pale from lack of blood, and reassure her that I am indeed okay.

And I dressed up to do it all, too. And I showered. So not only was I wearing clean clothes, but I was clean myself, and my outfit looked like I hadn't dressed in the dark.

You guys understand, of course, that that in itself is a major win for me.

My goals for tomorrow are, no kidding, to drink eight glasses of water and eat two high-protein meals and a green smoothie. Seriously--this is what it's come to. I am not eating enough. Up until now, my protein stores have been more than adequate (and probably would continue to be so), but I'd rather burn fat and glucose for energy and use protein for healing rather than burning muscle for all.

And go grocery shopping. I'm expanding the list of "things that are acceptable to ingest pureed". Hmmm. Tuna and beets? Don't mind if I do! Moose Munch and vanilla yogurt? Bring it on! Corn, black beans, sour cream, and a little cheese? Sure!