"It's a Rygellian Palate-Perforator," snickered K'Plakgh, evilly. "One minute in your mouth...

...and you're no. Longer. Talking. Like. JAMES. T. KIRK!!!"

(*cue evil Klingon laughter*)

"I'm not even Canadian. What the heck is he talking about?"

Rygellian Palate-Perforator, about to crawl away.

R.P-P. from the...er...left side, I guess.

Yeah, that was the left side. This is the operative, or right, side. Poor Dr. DDS was gobsmacked at how much space there was in my head (shaddup). Which is why this post has a Star Trek theme. "The Inside of Jo's Head, or, SPACE..."

One dead Rygellian Palate-Perforator. The blue stuff you see is part of the modifications made to this obturator the first time it was modified.