What I did on my day off:

Lunch with Rob and Adam at a semi-poncy but very good restaurant here in Littleton. They go to the trouble of making their own butter and bread, and the waiters are actually knowledgeable about the food.

I had a wedge salad (oh, the glories of iceberg lettuce! Once in a while, it's nice to let something be a foil for other ingredients) and fried grits with shrimp (bacon/tomato cream sauce) and part of Rob's white truffle fries with Parmesan, and a pale ale. It was a nice boozy lunch.

After which we went to the indoor flea market and tried on desert camo and funny hats, and I found a wedding dress I could actually see myself wearing, even though there is no wedding even remotely in my future. It was topped by a lavender hat with a big bow that I made the boys promise one of them would wear.

And my sister sent a gorgeous gold lame opera coat. I need a black silk v-neck sheath with a pencil skirt, STAT. The best part? This one fits. In this shot, it's lying on the dining room table.

Speaking of things that fit, I also got my two shirts from Cafepress today:

It reads: "My cancer is rarer than your cancer. Neener neener."
I think it'll go quite nicely with my hat: