Not a bad day, per se, but sort of disheartening.

Stable CVA with new MI? Fine. Transfer him upstairs to CVCCU.

Hypertensive crisis? Good deal. Fix it, then transfer her to the floor.

Cerebellar bleed with an increase in ICP? Off you go to the SCCU for an emergency shunt placement.

Of course, I did come home four hours early. That was nice. I made an enormous salad for lunch tomorrow and reflected on how nice it would be if "The Extra Man" were playing right now, or, failing that, a re-screen of "The Triplets of Bellville."

Now I'm off to cuddle two kitties (who are grooming each other and purring loudly in Poppy's old green velvet chair) and drink beer. Because it's Labor Day, and seeing the results of your labor going off to other units is a little disheartening.