Sometimes it's really not worth it to get out of bed.

My washer broke today. It'll make noises like it's spinning, but it won't spin. The trouble is the clutch drive on the spin widget; apparently, when there are teeth broken off, this is what happens.

Since I bought an off-brand washer from Friendly Fred's Washer Emporium, it'll take two weeks for the replacement widget to arrive (from Albania, maybe?) and the damn thing'll cost about three hundred bucks. Apparently there's one place on the planet that makes this particular widget, and they only make about three of them a year, and they're gold-plated. Or something.

So, for two hundred bucks more, I bought a new washer. I expect the nice folks from Sears to be calling any time with a delivery date. I figure it's a good use of two hundred extra dollars, since I won't have to wait two weeks for delivery (geez, I hope not), I won't have to take the dadratted washer apart myself, and I won't have to worry about any parts left over when I put it back together. Plus, it's a Kenmore, so the parts will be manufactured for the forseeable future.

And that el fantastico Roman shade I made is...well, it's coming down. The glue I used to stick everything together apparently couldn't handle both cats climbing on it and horrendous heat coming through the window.

And I'm just generally grumpy. I shouldn't be; I worked out this morning for the first time since May 29th, and did okay. I have air conditioning and money in the bank. It rained like the dickens here earlier, complete with huge thunderations that brought Max in like a shot for belly rubs. My scrubs are clean, if soaking wet. The cats were especially sweet and cuddly during their nap today.

Maybe it really will be okay after all.