Why I hate working with Indian nurses

Because Indian nurses will, once they find out you like Indian food, start bringing you little tasty tidbits to try, including these crispy fried bits of rice flour and sesame and cumin that they press out of a gun into oil and bring still warm from the stove, and they'll shove the bag at you and say, Here, Try This, I Know You'll Like It, and then you'll be tasting something that's garlic and cumin and sesame and apparently dusted with crack, and no matter how much you protest that no, you're really back on your diet, you will find an entire quart-sized baggie of them in your purse when you go to reach for your car keys.

And then there will be nothing to do but eat them in the car, and that means you'll have to have a glass of wine when you get home.

And that is why I hate working with Indian nurses.

(But not really.)

Please bring more of the crispy little snackitudes of doom. Thank you.